“Finishing is the LAST thing done… And the FIRST thing your client sees!” Nothing can hold up the final approvals and money like poor finishing. With over 100 years of finishing experience, we understand how critical this is.

 Our finishing processes include a broad range that start with traditional and venture to highly exotic and proprietary processes. Our goal is to achieve our customers’ desired look, feel, and texture. Artifex professionals use traditional and cutting-edge materials, equipment, coupled with artisan techniques to ensure we meet specifications and exceed your expectations. Our turn-around time and consistent color-matching tone are the best in the industry. We ensure you a superior, durable, consistent color-tone finish throughout a project build.


Our On-Site Refurbishing of existing wood moldings and fine wood works uses a proprietary process. This process rejuvenates your woodwork to almost new appearance. This unique green process has provided a large cost savings for companies, building owners, and institutions . In many cases allows them to maintain the original Historic wood works and furniture that may have been scheduled for replacement or disposal. Often our customers receive green credits for using this service.


In addition to excellent finishing services, Artifex provides light assembly service to assist customers in expediting the completion of the job. Often adding drawer pulls, guides, casters will complete a project and allow direct ship to site or clients. Please let us know how we can best serve you to complete your project on time.


We also perform ancillary support services by request which may include; consulting by our staff chemical engineer, light assembly and/or disassembly, finish packaging and labeling, transportation in/out and often times direct to the installing location.


Artifex provides a range of E-84 Class A, B, C rated coatings in both water and solvent based products. We also assist clients in testing the finishing effects of current and newly developed coatings or additives on your substrates; working directly with E-84 Testing laboratories.